Our Does (not for sale)
Name Farm Born Type Reg # (Click for Pedigree) Awards


Pan Twilight Farms 7/26/2006 Black Agouti 60573F 1st at every show, Grand @ Watsonville in WW30'08 pan_grand_ww2808.jpg (380917 bytes)
Theia Twilight Farms 6/10/2006 Black Agouti 58980F Several 1st and 2nd place showings Theia 07202008.jpg (497711 bytes)
Luna II Twilight Farms 12/10/2005 Dark Grey Agouti 57565F Several 3rds and 4ths  
Amazing Finish Whirlwind Farms 10/22/05 Black Agouti 57162F    
Kaycee Pygmy Goats by T.J. 11/25/06 Medium Grey Agouti 57184F 4th at Santa Rosa  
Sinope Twilight Farms 2/7/05 Medium Grey Agouti 55176F   Sinope.jpg (505351 bytes)
Bonnie B Forget-Me-Not 2/12/2003 Medium Grey Agouti 49879F  
Satin Igonzo 3/3/2003 Black 49985F  
Ginger Bread Buffalo Gil's 10/16/1999 Med Caramel 41803F   Ginger Bread with Solaris WW35'04.jpg (596699 bytes)
Aurora Twilight Farms 7/2/04 Dark Grey Agouti 53696F